We are SIHARA studio - a full service design shop for brands, That provide fresh and unforgettable branding, focusing on holistic solutions and corporate design.
We are passionate about details, with expertise in various disciplines, including web design, art direction, and strategic branding.
We offer a variety of classic media design solutions including - product packaging, print, logo, presentations, space design - augmented with new media offerings such as digital products, applications, web and social networks.
Since 2007 We have been working with small and medium-sized companies and businesses, backed by over 20 years of design and branding knowledge.
We are in constant search for the innovative idea while intently listening to the story of the brand - the authentic, the exceptional - because: branding is a language of emotions.
Our Services: 
Web Design | User Interface | Digital Storytelling Strategy | Brand Identity
Identity Core Positioning | Design and Implementation | Brand Application Guidelines
Please contact Heni 
,heni ben aharon ,חני בן אהרון
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